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Pronunciation from vowel letters and combinations

The pronunciation of the vowels is best explained by considering how these are represented through the combination of letters. Figures included below refer to the vowel codes . A hyphen indicates an unstressed termination. Ex. -ack.

Letters Vowel code Pronounciation
a 9 Obscure when unstressed, when a separate word, & in ma (my), na (not), dra, tra & conjunctions
à 9 so marked, is obscure
aa 3 maanah, daa, daamah
ab, ad, ap, at 4a sab, zad, enap, salat, pockat
-age   unstressed final, as in the English cottage
-ack, -ag, -ok 5 Kernooack, cranag, tarannock. (-ak may vary t- - ik)
-al 5 dereval, lavaral, gweskel
-al, -el 9 Following b, d, t, ex dendal, castal, padal, scudel. Here the vowel is virtually mute hale, pale, dale
-all 5 Stressed monoyllable, tall, mall, fall, gwall
-all 9 Unstressed ending, a is obscure, euhall, generall
-am, -an 5 genam, gwethan
-ane 2a tane, glane, brane
-ah 2a stressed zah, bah
-ah 5 unstressed ending kernah, sirah, bewah
-oa 5 caon, caol
ai 3 gwain, train, trailla, aize
-are 2a care, pecare, pare
-ate 2a strate, state
-ath 3b as termination, a aas in the English (hare) gwiranath, tirath
-athe 3b like a in hare pronounced long cathe, whathe
au 5 laul, lauvan, scaun, taul, aulena
ave 5 gwave, have, clave
-az, -earn 3b gwellaz, trffiaz, benenaz, devaz, spearn, hearn
-aze 3a taze, gwaze, haze, glaze
e 2c pedn, helhia, gwerraz, lempla
-e final   in words of two or more syllables is pronounced as in Zimbabwe, but silent in words of one syllable, as found in combinations -ede, -ele, -ene, & a + single consonant + e where it serves to indicate a long vowel, Note that th counts as a single letter, and that -egge, -ehe, -elle, -ere, -erre the final -e is sounded.
è 9 so marked, is obscure.
ea 2a brea, gweal, eal, leall, trea, dreav, peal, mear, whear, neav
êa 2a + 5 (two syllables) pêa
eam, ean 2a + 9 (dipthong) bream, cleam, dean, stean, mean, lean, kean, nahean, pokean
eaz 2a + 3b keaz two syllables
ee 1a teer, feen, teez, gween, feer, peel
ei 1c neidgah, creiah, mein, kein, teil
ēi 1c decēit
-ele 2a pele, hele
eu 1b + 8c as in beauty eu, euhall
-ez 2 In verb parts and nouns parrez, brederez, Gùnnez, lez, prez, brez, rez, gwrez, gwadnhez
gwa- 5 in gwa.. a is as in the English (war), gwall, gwarrah, gwadn
i 1a stressed piga, piba, criba, criban, liha, gwitha, miraz, trigaz
i 1b (final or if followed by vowel or single consonant) li, pi, ri, brochi, travith. Note: The difference between this and the previous vowel is negligible
i 1c (short when follwoed by two consonants) pidn, gwidn, fillal
-ia 1a + 5 stressed. via, destria, asspia, gwia
-ia(h) y- + 5 unstressed, brania, troillia, shakiah
-ia 1b... unstressed, i following gg, h, r, w Ex. dèrggiaw, helhia, dirria, Curnowian, Kembrian
-ian 1a + 9 stressed, bian, gwian, lian
ie 1b niel, briel
-io   (this is a variant of the -ia infinitive)
iu 1b + 8c liu, niul, piu, biuh, tiu, diu
o 5 pot, both, sort, porrel
ò 9 obscure, as in pòlta, còlhan
oan, oaz 6a moaz, doaz, boaz, poan, doan
oa + -g, -th 7 coag, coath
oar 6a moar, hoar, doar, hoarn
oe 7 toer, zoer
-oh 7 floh, moh, hoh
oi 7 + 1b oi, oil, noi, noith
-ol 5 ol, pigol, whegol
olh, oll 7 poll, stroll, joll, coll, cohl
-òn 9 agòn, gòn (accent not normally written)
oo 8a bool, loor, goon, trooz, cooz, ooz
or   (see under o)
oss 5 goos, gloss
ose, oze 7 close, fose, oze, broze, troze
ou 8a brou, trouvia, blou, tour, gour, croust
ow 8b cowz, towlah, glowaz, pow, crow, browe, dowr, lowr
-oz 5 terroz, galloz, horroz
u, w 8c pullan, gurrez, gunniaw, gwdn (but see au, eu, iu, ou)
ù 9 cùzal, cùnnen, cùdnick, bùz, rùth, hùnz
ui 8 + 1b mui, muiha
war 5 (when wa... is present) war, gwarha

Copyright Teer ha Tavaz 2003, Based on the book Practical Modern Cornish by Richard Gendall (ISBN 0-9537710-5-9)