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Deskanz Pemp - 5

Location and possession

In deskanz 4 you saw how to use the present descriptive tense of boaz , to be. If we are talking of where things are or what is being done, a different tense is used. So:

This is about cathe , a cat, and kistan , a box. Both are benaw (feminine).

an gathe han gistan (the cat and the box)
Miro! ubma cathe Look! here is a cat
ha ennah kistan and there is a box (Note: ennah = there or there is, there are)
Peleah ma an gathe? Where is the cat?
Ma an gathe en gistan? The cat is in the box Notes 4 & 1
Ma an gathe war an gistan ? The cat is on the box
Ma an gathe war an gadar ? The cat is in on the chair Note 3
Ma an gathe derage an gistan ? The cat is in front of the box
Ma an gathe athelhar than gistan ? The cat is behind the box Note 2
Ma an gathe reb an gistan ? The cat is beside the box
Ma an gathe dadn an gistan ? The cat is under the box
Ma an gathe agy than gistan ? The cat is inside the box


  1. en = in, an = the. These combine as en = in the; en becomes et if the next word begins with a vowel. So: et agoz doola = in your hands. et e chy = in his house
  2. athelhar tho = literally behind to, athelhar than = behind (to) the
  3. in the chair in translated as war an gadar = on the chair (not en )
  4. ma also = there is or there are. The negative nagez = there is not, there are not.
  5. ez = is there? are there? that is, that are, that there is, that there are. See below and under lavaraw coath

The interrogative is Ez ...? is there? are there? Ez bara en spens? Is there any bread in the larder? The negative is nagez there is/are not. Nagez bara en spens = There isn't any bread in the larder. The relative is also ez that there are/is. Mean ez a rullia = A rolling stone (A stone that is rolling).

We also use ma, ez and nagez to express having. My chy teag tho ny = We have a nice house (There is a nice house to us). Ez ky tho why? = Do you have a dog? Nagez ky tho ve = I do not have a dog.

Copyright Teer ha Tavaz 2003, Based on the book Practical Modern Cornish by Richard Gendall (ISBN 0-9537710-5-9)