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Deskanz Padgar - 4

Confirming, denying, owning

Eu an gathe ma gwidn? * Cathe widn Is this cat white?
Eah, gwidn eu hy   Yes, She is white.
Cathe wedn eu *   It is a white cat.
Eu an gathe na gwidn aweath ? Cathe Is that cat white also?
Na, nageu hy gwidn. Diu eu hy.   No, she is not white. She is black.
* We use wedn the feminine form only if directly following the noun.

If the subject were ky , dog, which is masculine, then hy , she, would be replaced by ea , he, and the above phrase would become:

Eu an ky ma gwidn? * Ky gwidn Is this dog white?
Eah, gwidn eu ea   Yes, he is white.
Ky gwidn eu *   It is a white dog.
Eu an ky na gwidn aweath ? Ky Is that dog white also?
Na, nageu ea gwidn. Diu eu ea.   No, he is not white. He is black.


If two things are in close relationship, including in matters of ownership, simply place them together, subject first. This also translates the English 's

The pseudo possesive adjective (my, your etc.)

The psuedo possesive adjective can also be expressed in this way by adding pronouns to what is possessed. After introducing by adding an/a (the), although in practice this may be omitted. So:

The possessive adjective
an verh the daughter ve - me an verh ve my daughter
an cuthman the friend ea - he, it an cuthman ea his friend
an wheal the work hy - her, it an wheal hy her work
an zirah the father ny - us an zirah ny our father *
an thaamah the mother why - you an thaamah why your mother
an mabe the son angy - them an mabe angy their son

NOTE* Our father (in the lords prayer) is An Taze Ny

This material can of course be rearranged to make other phrases, such as

All can be used with or without the an and hence can be rewritten:

ky gwidn ha diu Neb an gare e gy an gwra deveeder ky gwidn ha diu
He who loves not his dog will make him a sheep worrier
ongelCanstel Eu canstel daa rag gorah goz ongel en zeath Zeath
Is a basket any good for putting your cabbage in the pot?

Copyright Teer ha Tavaz 2003, Based on the book Practical Modern Cornish by Richard Gendall (ISBN 0-9537710-5-9)