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Deskanz Try - 3

This, that, description

put an/a (the) before a noun and na after it to express that...

an dean na that man
an venen na that woman

put an/a (the) before a noun and ma after it to express this...

an dean ma this man
an venen ma this woman

Describing what you see

Pehane eu an dean ma ? What is this man like?
Dean younk eu ea He is a young man (a young man is he)
Younk eu He is young

Adjectives are usually placed after the noun they describe (but see list). So Dean younk a young man. If an adjective begins with any of the letters listed in the diagram in lesson 2 and it follows a feminine noun, then its first letter must be softened that applied to "an + a feminine noun".

Adjective mutation

Guraw Benaw
B pesk broaz A big fish B -> V colhel vroaz A big knife
C dean coath An old man C -> G benen goath An old woman
D ky diu A black dog D -> TH mola thiu A blackbird
GL yeat glaze A green gate GL -> L delkian laze A green leaf
GW bara gwidn White bread GW -> W powz wedn * A white dress
K bord kern A round table K -> G besidar gern A round window
M cota mellin A yellow coat M -> V rozan velen * A yellow rose
P zah pooz A heavy bag P -> B stiran booz A heavy blow
T levar tanaw A thin book T -> D plankan danaw A thin plank
        cathe tanaw * A thin cat
* Note: wedn, velen are special forms used with feminine words if used directly after them; cathe tanaw : If a noun ends in the sound s or th, a following t- is not softened.
Hugez Is used before nouns 
Mear Generally used in the context of landscapes, extent and things that cannot be weighed or moved. It translates as great but when referring to character or fame use broaz ) for great.dean broaz A great man
Wheag is also used for Dear... in letter writing.Sarah wheag Dear Sir
This one, that one
Pandreu hedda? What is it? Actually means that one (masculine). This is always used when asking what a thing is, even if it turns out to be feminine after identification.
Creav eu hedda That (that one, that thing, that male) is strong (masculine)
Teag eu hodda That (that one, that thing, that female) is beautiful (feminine)
Keef eu hebma This (this one, this thing) is expensive
Cuzal eu holma This (this one, this female) is quiet (or sly)
Pe liu eu ...? What colour is ...?
Pe liu an gathe ma ?Looz o ve
Pe liu an ky ma ?gwidn ha diu o ve

Copyright Teer ha Tavaz 2003, Based on the book Practical Modern Cornish by Richard Gendall (ISBN 0-9537710-5-9)