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Deskanz Wonen - 1

Meeting, greeting, saying goodbye

Before we get down to learning Cornish we need to be able to greet one and other in the language, invite each other in, use a few sociable phrases and say goodbye. Study the phrases and when you are comfortable with them compose two or three short scenes by rearranging the material in as many ways as you can as simple dialogues between two people. Act them out with a friend if you can.

When meeting someone whose name you know, which might be in the street, at a get-together, or even answering the door say: Ha ...Followed by the persons name.

Ha Jooan! Hello John! or Hi John!
Other ways of greeting without using a person's name are...
Ha soas! Hello boy! or Hello girl! literally hello comrade.
Ha, cheel vian! Hello, my dear (to male or female, old or young, literally little child
Metten daa! (the why!) Good morning! (to you!)
Durdatha why! Good day to you!
Lowena thew! Joy to you!
The next stage is to show some interest in the person you have met...
Looan o ve tho goz gwellaz why. I'm glad to see you.
Looan o ve tho goz gwellaz why en ehaz daa. I'm glad to see you you are in good health.
You may wish to ask after his or her health...
Fatlagana why?. How are you?.
Fatel era why a keel?. How are you getting on? or how are you doing?.
Some answers might be...
Daa, durdalada why. Good (as in well) thanks.
Fatel urt agoz hunnen? How about yourself?
To this the reply might be...
Ma an ehaz ve thew. I'm OK, I have my health, not bad.
Ma lean ehaz thew. I'm in excellent health, I have full health.
Pure, durdalada why. Fine thanks.
Suppose there is a knock at the door.
Piua ez ennah?. Who's there.
Thera ve ubma, Jooan. It's me (here), John.
Diaw chy! Come in!
Welcom en chy! Welcome in! or come on in!
Grew setha doar!. Sit down, take a seat..
Grew omgersia goz hunnen Make yourself comfortable, make yourself at home.
You will learn about how to offer refreshment etc. later on; meanwhile your guest has to go. He or she might say...
Ennah, me a dale moaz kerr lebben. Well I must be off now..
Voidama lebben. I'm off now.
To say goodbye there are several expressions...
Benatugana! Good-bye! (literally God bless you).
Deu gena why! Goodbye, God be with you.
Noze daa! Good night!
Ternestatha! Good night (God send you good night).
You might send your guest away...
Comeer' weeth! Take care!.
Pub bonogath daa! All the best!
Farwel gena why! Farewell (with you)!
Anowr! So long! 'Till next time!

Copyright Teer ha Tavaz 2003, Based on the book Practical Modern Cornish by Richard Gendall (ISBN 0-9537710-5-9)