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Ma Teer Ha Tavaz deziria rag why

Nadelack looan ha looan blethan noueth

O why kernuak, pokeean a veda why gon jiunnia ny? Are you cornish, or do you want to join us?
Per thaa! OK!
There are five festive occasions recognised in the cornish mid winter. They are:
montol, an vontol (in Edward Lhuyd's MSS Vocabulary, 1700). The Winter Solstice
Noze nadelack Christmas Eve
deu nadelack Christmas Day
noze galan New Year's Eve
deu halan an vlethan (in Bewnans Ke) New Year's Day
We say.
Nadelack looan! Happy Christmas!
Looan blethan noueth! A Happy New Year!
and we chauvinist pigs may add
Ha benen younk, ha monnah lowr genz agoz gwreag! And a young woman, and plenty of money with your wife!

Useful festive words

Kernooack Sousnack
abma to kiss, abma dadn an gwithrose, to kiss under the mistletoe
anowre! See you again!
bagaz Nadelack Christmas Bush
benatugana! bye!
bolla a a cup of
cadar cuzaulak a comfortable chair
clidgi toffee
coffee coffee
coosi a party
cor beer or ale; cor gwelha, best beer or ale
curl Nadelack a Christmas carol
dehen cream
dowr tubm spirits; dowr tubm Alban, Scotch; dowr tubm Lollas, rum; dowr tubm Frink, brandy
dra veda why cawaz? what will you have?
dra veda why debre debbri what will you eat?
dra veda why eavah what will you drink?
gali a party
gallaz lowr genam I've had enough!
gallaz lowr genaw! you've had enough!
gwedran a a glass of
gweran a a tankard of
gwin wine; gwin gwidn, white wine; gwin rooz, red wine; gwedran a win, a glass of wine
gwithrose mistletoe
hoh vetha! drunken pig!
iar Gini rostiaz roast turkey
ithen furze, fuzz
ithio ivy
kans singing
kelin holly
kenz lebben already
know nuts
knufan a nut
krampez Nadelack mince pie
lavalu fruit
lodr Nadelack Christmas Stocking
ma debrez re genam! I've eaten too much!
ma eavez re genam! I've drunk too much
metha drunk
mock a Yule log
noze daa! good night!
ol e compuster alright
ol e compuster? you OK?
omwellaz gen to visit
pellan Nadelack Christmas pudding
pimp a a pint of
prill tipsy
ro Nadelack a Christmas present
ruddok a robin
Sent Nichlaas Santa Claus
sider cider
tane daa a good fire
tay tea
tedna cracker to pull a cracker
ternestatha! good night!
tezan Nadelack Christmas cake
veda why? will you?
whacka sweets
zuggan lavalu fruit juice

A toast

Ehaz ha sowenath whath tho why ha tho goz henath

Health and prosperity ever to you and yours

Too much to remember when your drunk? Just say: EHAZ! (jicks! hiccups!)

Copyright Teer ha Tavaz 2003, Based on the book Practical Modern Cornish by Richard Gendall (ISBN 0-9537710-5-9)